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Your Government’s Greatest Resource – People


A guest blog post in response to recent global terrorist attacks and President Obama’s speech on 12/6/15.

After watching President Obama addressing the nation tonight, I was upset and disappointed by the dispassionate way in which he addressed the American people. One resounding thought came to my mind: Please use your greatest resource in America, your people, to engage them in civil activism, in this war on terror.  We are sitting here, helpless, feeling scared, powerless, and lost.  Let us know how we can be of assistance.  Use our unique generational strengths and talents to unify against radical terrorism.  Each generation can help and here is what I would suggest.

Help from Millennials

For the younger people, those in their late teens and twenties, they are experts in social networking.   They inherently understand all of the social networks as they utilize them daily, if not hourly:  Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.  Why can’t they be our eyes and ears for unusual action?  Why can’t our President offer up a website or a hotline where concerned young citizens can report unusual online activity?  After a tragedy, you will often read about a young person “noticing” some unusual activity on a chat forum, for example.  We really MUST take these threats seriously as we live in a serious, scary world.  But they will not know where to go with this information unless we tell them where it can best be examined.  In this world, letting our youngest generation become our online eyes and ears seems like a great place to begin.

Help from Middle-Aged

For the middle-aged generation, we have the pocketbook or at least the highest likelihood of paycheck.  Where should we be putting our money right now?  What particular companies are working to fight the war on terror?  Which ones aren’t?  What industries should we be supporting?  Alternate forms of energy, for example?  Let us sink our 401k’s into the places which would most support the ideals and freedoms of our Constitution which we have held strong to for 228 years.   Let’s spend money on products NOT made in nations that support terrorism, in any way, shape, or form.  Let’s make sound decisions in every way possible right now, as we are often in positions of authority.  Let’s be highly intelligent.

Help from Seniors

Our senior citizens have so many resources, namely time, wisdom, and money.  Can’t we bring retired people out of retirement, at least temporarily, to come up with some new solutions based on their YEARS of practical experience?  Can retired people volunteer their time somehow promoting the security of this country?  Can they be a liaison to our Muslim community, in order to foster a greater understanding of the fears and prejudices currently existing?

A Plea to the President

President Obama, I ask with the willingness of a concerned citizen, and I believe I speak for many when I say, “Let us do.”  Let us do what we can to make this world a safer place for all.

Please comment below with your suggestions on how all Americans can help fight the war on terror.

Andrea Patterson is a wife, a mother, a nurse, a Christian, and my soulmate.  She can be found on Twitter @NurseAndee27.


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