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When One Door Closes…

A final word from Engraving Amore.

The pool view goes off to infinity at the Oyster Bay Beach Resort.

Review: Oyster Bay Beach Resort, St. Maartin

In July, 2015, Andrea and I took our third trip to the Caribbean, enjoying a wonderful time at the Oyster […]

The American Flags in our Garden

Your Government’s Greatest Resource – People

A guest blog post in response to recent global terrorist attacks and President Obama’s speech on 12/6/15.

Harry Packer Mansion

Life Is What You Make Of It… If It Doesn’t Fit…

This article could be subtitled, “Observations of a Cubicle Dweller”.

Sometimes You Just Need A Little Change

First in a series on listening to your business.

View from Divi Carina Bay

Review: Divi Carina Bay in St. Croix, USVI

Andrea’s Christmas present in 2012 was our first trip together to the Caribbean.  

No 9 Mine Entrance

Your Job Could Always Be Worse!

or, “What I learned from someone who died 100 years ago”

Flamingo Pond, Water Island, USVI

Walking in Pirate Territory on Water Island, USVI

Do you want to be a pirate when you grow up? Maybe you don’t want to actually kill someone and […]

Beacon Hill Road

Sunset Flights Landing in Saint Martin

The runway at Princess Juliana International Airport on Saint Martin (actually, on the Dutch side, spelled Sint Maarten) ends right […]

Le Sand Beach, St. Martin

What’s In a Name – Le Sand Beach

Yep, a beach named “Sand”, on the French side of Saint Martin.  Since I’m starting my new blog off freshly […]