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I love my family, the islands and music. I'm a technology professional. I own a creative engraving business with my wife, I'm on Twitter @IslandTimeHQ, and I'm starting a blog.


Le Sand Beach, St. Martin

What’s In a Name – Le Sand Beach

Yep, a beach named “Sand”, on the French side of Saint Martin.  Since I’m starting my new blog off freshly back from a trip to the Caribbean (my favorite place to go), I thought I would start with some pictures from the trip. 

The AT&T Social Security Number Scam

The second telephone hacking attempt I received in as many months.

By (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The Microsoft Help Desk Hacker

Today, someone called me and tried to hack my computer over the phone.

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Green Blue Caribbean Water

Why Mail Order Monkeys?

Well, why not?!?!?  Isn’t it a great name?  You’ll never forget it! Yep, there isn’t really anything deep and meaningful behind it, and you can’t really order monkeys on this site, whether via the mail or otherwise. But who thought of the name?