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Who Is Jerry

Picture of me at Divi Carina Bay in St. Croix - Island Blog

My wife Andrea took this picture of me on our last day at Divi Carina Bay in St. Croix. Can you tell I’d been chillin’ for a few days in the Caribbean?

I’m a husband and father.  A musician.  A technology professional (computer geek).  A lover of the Caribbean.  A lover of The Beatles and Van Halen.  A business owner.  A fan of cooking Italian food.  A mediocre poet.  And I love to write.   In addition to this “island blog”, I enjoy writing reviews on Trip Advisor. 

I’m not sure who reads this site, other than my wife and one of my sisters.  Maybe my mom.  It’s all good.  I hope you find something you enjoy, share with a friend, and maybe leave a comment.

I’m on Twitter @IslandTimeHQ.

Here are my Trip Advisor reviews.

My favorite quote: “Whatever I’m doing, it’d be better doing it in the Caribbean.”